Cycling through the lovely countryside near Peyrelevade.


Peyrelevade which is situated on the borders of the “departments”/counties Lot, Dordogne and Lot-et-Garonne is a lovely starting point for your bicycle tours. Because of the way Peyrelevade is situated you can easily get acquainted with the lovely surroundings and different landscapes of these three “departments”/counties. ForFor experienced cyclists in this region is doable, but with an electric bicycle you can certainly make beautiful trips her.

You will find several well signposted cycling trails in these three “departments”. These trails wind along river banks, along wind fields and through picturesque villages and widespread lookout points.

Along the way you will find several restaurants in which you can enjoy lovely meals prepared with regional products.

We can also provide you with detailed maps of the surroundings if desired.

Additional information:

  • The trails are asphalted for 98% and will guide you along quiet D-roads through this lovely countryside.
  • It is necessary though to use a bike with gears because of the sloping landscape. You will travel along steep hill trails and plunging downhill descents. In the valleys the trail will be flat again.

You can use Peyrelevade as your starting point, but you can just as easily park your car somewhere nice and plan you route from there. We can always provide you with tips for nice starting points nearby.

Always bring plenty of water because it can become quite hot here during the summer months!

MTB Trails

There are lots of woods in the above mentioned “departments” in which you can find a lot of dirt trails. Mountain bikers among you will love that and will find them very challenging. The local tourist information offices can provide you with MTB trails with detailed maps with which you can plan your own tours. But when you Google you will probably find well documented tours posted by MTB lovers as well.

Have fun !