About us

www.vakantie-dordogne.comArna Op ten Berg is my wife, and my name is Ruud Truijens. We are both in our sixties. Since February 2007, we have been the owners of Peyrelevade on the border of the Dordogne and Lot-et-Garonne. With the purchase of Peyrelevade, our  “No going back” adventure began, in other words, the dream that became a reality. Arna started at HALO in The Hague and eventually found her way into the field of education. After studying economics, she combined both subjects. Later, she made the switch to vocational education (MBO), where she worked as a business economics teacher. Arna balanced her work in the Netherlands with life in France for a long time.

I went directly from high school to the Marine Corps. After 6 years, that was enough for me, and I made the transition to entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry in The Hague. Eight years later, I sold my business. Ultimately, I found myself in the world of sports with roles such as manager at the Haagsche Rugby Club and as a mentor to sports talents at the Olympic Support Center. By the way, my favorite sport is rugby, and for an enthusiast like me, the region where we live is a true paradise.

We welcome you with great pleasure at Peyrelevade and hope that you, just like us, will enjoy the French way of life!